Toy News Roundup: "Man of Steel", "World War Z" And More SDCC Exclusives Than You Can Handle!


Here's our look at some of the coolest toy news of the past week!

THERE ARE PROBABLY DRUG ADDICTIONS CHEAPER THAN MASTERPIECE TRANSFORMERSBig Bad Toy Store has pre-orders for new Takara Masterpiece Transformers, including Bumblebee and Wheeljack!  I still await Galvatron, or at least an Hasbro-issued US Megatron I can afford.

NO, THEY DON'T RUN AT YOU SUPER-FAST: Speaking of Big Bad Toy Store, if you enjoy "World War Z" this weekend, there's pre-orders available for Jazwares' action figures from the, they don't have pics of the figure based on Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane.  That might be the first Brad Pitt figure in history.  Such an age it is we live in!


THIS WILL BE SO DAMN CUTE!: Jazzwares has announced it'll produce "Teen Titans Go!" merchandise based on the Cartoon Network hit.

IT'LL COST LESS THAN THE PROPERTY DAMAGE TO METROPOLIS: If you want to recreate the controversial climax to "Man of Steel" in toy form, Mattel's released pictures of the Superman vs. Zod "Movie Masters" pack that's exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con.


IT'S ALMOST DISTURBINGLY REALISTIC: The official "Star Wars" blog has posted pics of a new Gentle Giant Boba Fett Mini Bust that will be an exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con this year.


GIVE ME $400, DAMN YOU: Gentle Giant has also announced this super-limited $400 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive statue of the Faun from "Pacific Rim" director Guillermo Del Toro's masterpiece "Pan's Labyrinth," which I really need to watch again. product_p pgm80345.htm

SPEAKING OF HIGH-END SDCC EXCLUSIVES: Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced a slew of "Power Rangers"-related Comic-Con exclusives, including this "S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Super Samurai Metallic Coating Deluxe Action Figure Set" for $200.  At this point, my toy-collecting friends who can't make it to SDCC are basically going to treat me like a drug mule to pick all this cool stuff up for them.  Hey, where's Lord Zedd?!


SOME PAINT AND A HOT GLUE GUN, AND YOU COULD CUSTOMIZE A SWEET "WARHAMMER 40,000" VEHICLE: NECA has announced (though the actual page on their website is missing as of this writing), a set of skull trophies that "Predator" figures can use to decorate their "Skull Trophy Wall" Playset.  Wow, these have come a long way since those Kenner figures in the 1990s.

These will only be sold through NECA's eBay and online stores, and will be available sometime in July.


IT'S SO CREEPILY ADORABLE! If you enjoyed our talk with Super7 about their Kenner-style "Alien" ReAction figures, they've just announced their SDCC exclusives!


MAN, IT'S SOLD OUT ALREADY?!: Our friends at The Fwoosh talk to Jonathon Alvis about his new kit that lets fans convert a "Masters of the Universe Classics" He-Man figure into the title character from the lesser-known Filmation series "Blackstar"....and it's sold out now.  Drat!  Keep an eye out for Alvis' upcoming kit that will let you turn a MOTU Classics toy into Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer.  I can hear the Molly Hatchet already!

HAN SHOT FIRST: Entertainment Earth is showing a series of pictures about the development of a new "Star Wars Black" figure that is pretty obviously Greedo.  Man, this line is gonna be awesome!

I HUNGER...FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE!: Yet another Gentle Giant SDCC exclusive: This giant mini-bust of Marvel Comics World-Devourer Galactus!


AND FINALLY: MAKE THESE REAL, PLEASE!: Our friends at ToyArk have a series of pics from Riverspoons Customs showing carded versions of custom Marvel Universe Avengers figures -- featuring the likes of Jarvis the Butler, the Two-Gun Kid, the Swordsman and more!  For longtime Avengers fans, this is pretty much the BEST THING EVER.  Good Lord, they even made D-Man, the half-Wolverine/half-original-costume Daredevil super-powered wrestler/homeless person!  THAT IS CRAFT.