The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: ‘Firefly’ Jayne’s Hat Cosplay Is Gorram Fantastic!

by Alison Mayer

Cosplay is great, guys. And it doesn’t get much better than Firefly cosplay, because really, who doesn’t want to dress up like a space cowboy and gallivant about the universe, screwing with the Alliance and swearing Chinese?

But what if you could play-pretend all of that perched safely atop a certain Hero of Canton’s head? Well…one fan decided to step up her cosplay game and do just that:

Congratulations, mysterious Firefly fan, you win all of the cosplay cred! Like, seriously, you’re gonna need…at least five…pack-animal-type…creatures…to carry all that cred. Either that, or a Firefly-class spaceship of your very own.

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