The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: 'Firefly' Jayne's Hat Cosplay Is Gorram Fantastic!

Jayne Hat Cosplay Banner

by Alison Mayer

Cosplay is great, guys. And it doesn't get much better than Firefly cosplay, because really, who doesn't want to dress up like a space cowboy and gallivant about the universe, screwing with the Alliance and swearing Chinese?

But what if you could play-pretend all of that perched safely atop a certain Hero of Canton's head? fan decided to step up her cosplay game and do just that:

Jayne Hat Cosplay

Congratulations, mysterious Firefly fan, you win all of the cosplay cred! Like, seriously, you're gonna least carry all that cred. Either that, or a Firefly-class spaceship of your very own.