Insufferable, Strip Search, And More: The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!Welcome to our newest regular feature on MTV Geek: The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week! We realize there are far too many webcomics for everyone to keep up with all the time, so we're doing a bit of curation here by picking some of the significant events in webcomics from the past week. Did a new storyline start? Did somebody die? Did the story make an incredibly poignant piece of social commentary? Did they do something just really cool and innovative with the form? That's the type of stuff we'll be looking at and presenting each week. You may have missed them, but we haven't!

And with that short introduction out of the way, let's get right to it!

5. PvP: Jade is pregnant!


Scott Kurtz has been running PvP for well over a decade now and, while he's introduced plenty of new characters over the years, this particular addition has the potential to significantly shake up the status quo. Which, if you've been following along, was already under threat with the real danger of the in-comic magazine the cast works for shutting down. Jade and Brent now have some new motivations, and it will almost certainly change their perspectives on a lot of things. While there is always the cynical danger of Kurtz pulling a "Poochie", he's shown over the years that he's interested in having the characters grow and evolve.

4. Insufferable: Someone REALLY has it in for Galahad!

InsufferableBack in May, readers saw Galahad visit a fan club of his, only to have the place firebombed shortly after he stepped inside. That part of the story was put on hold throughout most of June in favor of following up with Nocturnus. This week, Galahad manages to save himself and the children from the burning building, but finds himself shot almost immediately afterwards! Readers will have to return later to find out what exactly he was shot with!

 3. Bad Machinery: "The Case of the Forked Road" begins!Bad MachineryJohn Allison has been at the webcomics game a while too, but Bad Machinery tends to be a little more dense to the casual reader than most webcomics. It's designed as a longer-form serial, so jumping into the middle of a story can be a bit confusing and difficult. However, on Monday, Allison started a new storyline, giving new readers a prime opportunity to jump into this long-running series without the danger of feeling lost. Or, at least no more lost than any of the characters!

2. The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal : Amal's secret isn't!TJ and AmalAmal's adventure began when he called off the marriage that was arranged for him and came out of the closet to his parents. He then got drunk, picked up TJ and the two have been driving across the country to get to his sister's graduation. They just showed up at her door and she lets out that he wasn't nearly as in the closet as he thinks he was for all those years. You can expect the drama to turn up that much more when they actually meet up with Amal's parents!

1. Strip Search: Season Finale!Strip Search Season FinaleOK, this is a little bit of a streach since Strip Search isn't a webcomic itself, but a reality show about webcomics. But the final competition in the show was for the top three finalists to create a new comic series from the ground up and then face a head-to-head challenge developing three new strips for their respective series using some randomly selected subjects. In the finale here, we see Katie Rice's Camp Weedonwantcha, Abby Howard's The Last Halloween and Maki Naro's Sufficiently Remarkable. While the new series have yet to actually begin, viewers get more than a tantalizing preview of them all here.