Stan Lee Talks Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry In This Exclusive 'Trek Nation' Clip


Worlds... Colliding... Stan Lee, who I think you know as the creator of the Marvel Universe, and Gene Roddenberry, who you probably know as the creator of Star Trek, cross over for the first time since that Star Trek/X-Men comic you probably forgot about in 'Trek Nation'. The documentary details Gene's son Rod traveling the country to find out more about his father's legacy. In this exclusive clip from the film, you can hear Mr. Excelsior himself talk about the lasting impact of Mr. Finalfrontier:

Watch: Stan Lee On Trek Nation

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Rod Roddenberry Sets Out to Discover the Impact his Father Had on the World through the Star Trek Universe He Created, in a Must-See Film

New York, NY (June 17, 2013) – Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, remains a legendary figure togenerations of fans. With many iterations on both large and small screens, fans of his work stretch around the world. Roddenberry’s own son, however,understood little of his father’s influence, but set out to learn about it long after Gene’s death. Rod Roddenberry’s personal journey is the heart of TREK NATION, a moving tribute from son to father that will thrill Trek fans, new and old, when it arrives on DVD from FilmBuff and MPI Media Group on July 9, 2013, with an SRP of $24.98, and is now available for presale on Amazon. The double disc DVD contains tons of amazing bonus materials including extended interviews, an original featurette honoring the fans of the franchise, home movies from the Roddenberry Estate and an actual accounting of how Star Trek was first imagined.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek and widely known as the “Great Bird of the Galaxy,” passed away in 1991. At the time his son, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry was only 17 years old. As a teenager, Rod was less interested in his father’s great creation– but now, years later, he is on a quest to find out why his father and Star Trek are so revered.

TREK NATION is an enlightening documentary that details Rod’s trek across America to discover his father through the touchstones Gene left behind: his friends, his work and his influence. The film includes surprising, revelatory conversations with Star Trek actors, writers, fans, family friends and some of entertainment’s most iconic figures who point to Gene’s influence on them – among them George Lucas, Stan Lee, Seth MacFarlane and J.J. Abrams, director of the two most recent Star Trek blockbuster movies. TREK NATION is a journey to understand one of the world’s largest cultural phenomena, the man behind it, and the legacy he has left us all.