‘Beware The Batman’ Trailer Shows Off The Menace Of Professor Pyg

This trailer for Cartoon Network’s ’Beware The Batman,’ their new take on The Dark Knight has everything: shirtless Bruce Waynes; men in pig masks; steampunk frogs; and of course, Batman. You know, that thing where a man’s parents are killed in front of him, and he swears to take vengeance on the criminal underworld by dressing in a giant bat costume? That thing.

Anyway, the main draw for this guy (the one writing this blog post, in case you can’t see my thumbs pointing at my chest) is the chance to see Grant Morrison creation Professor Pyg in action in a children’s cartoon. And while Pyg just drives a car and looks angry in the footage, we’re pretty sure this should happen by the second episode:

It’ll be like this generation’s watching Bambi’s Mom get killed, but with far more trans-sexual pig men. Anyway, here’s the trailer, and official info from Cartoon Network:

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