The Periodic Table Of Muppets: Can You Name Them All?


The below infographic, a periodic table of The Muppets from Mike BaBoon (whose name sounds like he could be a Muppet himself) is INSANE. Not only does it depict a ton of fuzzy creatures, but:

"Each square represents a different character and indicates the primary Muppeteer(s) for that character, as well as the year and production in which the character made its debut. Borders align with hair/hat colour, background aligns with skin/fur colour, and colour of the abbreviated name represents nose colour (for characters with noses that is)."

That cray. In case you wondering, the scientific categorization for deciding to do this, and following through with it, is "Cray." That said, you can check it out below, and order prints from BaBoon's website: