'Game of Thrones' Night's Watch Beer Will Give You Serious Wildling Goggles


Once you go 'Take The Black', you may never go back, as Ommegang brewery is set to release its second Game of Thrones themed beer inspired by the Night's Watch! The first - Iron Throne Ale - was a delicious brew, marred slightly by the fact that it was made entirely from swords I'M KIDDING. But seriously, it was delicious.

Here's the official info from Ommegang, as well as a look at a bottle bigger than The Wall itself:

Night gathers, and now it's time to reveal the highly-anticipated second Game of Thrones beer from HBO Global Licensing and Brewery Ommegang: Take the Black. A new stout, which boasts a 7% ABV and is inspired by the Night's Watch, Take the Black will debut this fall.

[The label art] features the sacred Weirwood tree where those who worship the old gods - such as Jon Snow - take the Night's Watch oath. It's an original design created specifically for the bottle by a52, the studio that created the title design for the show's opening credits.

The Take the Black Stout follows the wildly successful Iron Throne Ale, which hit stores earlier this year and found retailers, wholesalers and beer lovers scrambling for more. Shops across the country sold out of stock in days, while bars poured through kegs in mere hours. On Brewery Ommegang's online store, 287 Game of Thrones branded glasses sold on the first day alone. To satiate the appetite of beer-drinking Game of Thrones fans with the new brew, Brewery Ommegang will double the final volumes of the previous Iron Throne Ale.

More details regarding Take the Black will be revealed soon.

Also worthy of note: this is the only beer that makes it LESS likely you'll have sex #NightsWatchJoke.