'Man Of Steel' Gets The Rap Soundtrack It Was Missing


No matter whether you love 'Man of Steel,' or hate it, there's one thing we can all agree on: it needed a rap recap over the end credits. Luckily, hip-hop artist Asoka provided the soundtrack we all wanted (instead of that stupid Hans Zimmer score we've been listening to non-stop oh god it's so good), complete with raps from both Superman and Zod's perspective. Ever wanted to hear Zod rap about Atari? Now you can. Hooray!

Here's a note on the inspiration from Asoka, as well as where to snag the album (for free):

I’ve always been inspired by the Superman character. He stands for truth & justice but at the very core of his being he feels lonely, conflicted and lost. Zack Snyder (the director of Man of Steel) recently said, “He’s the most powerful but also the most vulnerable superhero you could imagine.”

His existence is bittersweet, almost poetic. As a child I was fascinated by the character, and as I grew older, I started relating to the human side of Clark Kent.

Inspired by the release of the new movie… I got together with RawKey, my favorite producer in hip-hop, and decided to pay homage and create our own soundtrack to accompany the feature film.

I can honestly say this is my proudest body of work. I’m honored to share this music with you!

And as Asoka told me over e-mail, "I'm a huge comic book fan and I'm really stoked about the new Man of Steel movie coming out. Soundtracks use to be bigger back in the day. I remember Seal did "Kiss From A Rose" for Batman forever and R. Kelly's song "Gotham City' for Batman & Robin. I've always wanted to do a song for a Superman movie. So this year, I decided to go to the studio and create my own soundtrack for the Man of Steel film."

We also remember "Kiss From a Rose," Asoka, and appreciate your efforts. If you want the album, good news: it's free online for download, right here, right now.

Now all we need is a rap battle between Pa Kent and that tornado.