Steven Smith Says: Trailers? More Like Trails... Off... Maybe


Every week, our on-air host Steven Smith weighs in about whatever's bothering him (or inspiring him) in the world of geek! Here's Steven Smith Says:

I saw the trailer for the next Hobbit flick today and I must say I’m intrigued. Upon first viewing 'An Unexpected Journey' I was unexpectedly underwhelmed... But upon later sittings decided it wasn’t half bad. Definitely no 'Fellowship of the Ring'. 'The Desolation of Smaug' looks to try and reach that high 'Two Towers' bar and just might... Except now I know what the dragon looks like.

There’s been many a critique on the length and content of theatrical trailers. We wait for them with baited bad breath to see them, and nowadays find ourselves watching these mini teasings on tiny little screens, not quite the majesty of yesteryear.

Sometimes I would love to see a modern trailer play out like an old narrated type trailer:

“You’ll jump out of your seat when Bilbo meets the Spiders of Mirkwood!”

“Is there true love in Laketown?”

“A dragon? You betcha!”

Things of that ilk coupled with gritty and glorious Technicolor. I’m now with 48 frames per second (45? 48? 241 toothpicks), but give me a good Technicolor flick shot on Panavision and I’m dialed in.

Trailers and/or previews have always been one of my favorite parts of going to the movies. I don’t go the movies very much because I find in theaters there are people, and people don’t know how to behave. Oh, it’s not a public place, it’s a private enterprise you purchased a ticket to be in so keep your mouth shut, turn off your phone, and enjoy the show. I’ve gotten into fights, hurled things, and had people removed from the theater. Yeah, I’m that guy, please go to another showing if you see me, no seriously please do. It’s why I end up watching a great deal of films at home. House rules, yo.

Back to trailers: a good one will tease you just enough without spilling the whole movie, tickling your fancy with just enough story to grab you and just enough action to wow you. This is usually coupled by the hit song of the moment: most likely the Black Keys, or definitely a rip off of one. I like songs with unintelligible lyrics, or just music from the score of the film. Risky but cool. I’ll never forget sitting in the theater and seeing the trailer for The Matrix Reloaded. The screen darkened and a little bit of code started trickling down. The audience lost their mind, me along with them. If only that film could have delivered. Tch.