GREATEST TRANSFORMER EVER: Giant Soundwave Masterpiece Edition… With Shooting Tapes

Two words: “LASERBEAK, EJECT.”

In the 1980s, there was no cooler “Transformers” toy than Soundwave, at least in this writer’s opinion.  I mean, he was an evil monotone Decepticon filled with evil tape-bots!  And you could buy the tapes and hide them inside him!  How could you possibly get cooler than that?


Hasbro’s recently sent out some pics of the US version of the Masterpiece Soundwave figure — and it is indeed a masterpiece.  And much like when you were a kid, you’ll have to save your allowance to afford it!

But Sweet Matrix, this thing might be WORTH IT.

Now, the Japanese Masterpiece Soundwave came with a couple of tape-friends, with additional tapes available separately.  This one has ALL OF THEM, plus a Megatron gun and more!

Let’s see ’em in and out of the package now!

Vast is the level of awesomeitude that this boasts!  One thing I particularly love is that it even has little hydraulic-arms for his tape-cronies Rumble and Frenzy, as seen in the original “Transformers” cartoon:

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