Futurama's New Billboards Tease "This Is The End" [EXCLUSIVE]


Sad news, everyone! Futurama ends its TV run (again) this year on Comedy Central, but that doesn't mean they won't be going out partying like it's 2999. To kick things off, Comedy Central is placing two huge billboards - one in LA, the other in NYC's Times Square - teasing a rather ominous new tagline:


"This Is The End," indeed. As we found out on a phone conference with creator David X. Cohen and company earlier this month, before the end of the (second) final season, the show will see the marriage of Fry and Leela, and many, many more big events. Including the end of the universe, maybe? Futurama hasn't been scared to tweak its nose at real-life continuity before, and we're expecting no difference this time.

And when it's all over, finally Zoidberg will be the popular one.

Futurama's final season premieres Wednesday, June 19 at 10pm, followed by another new episode at 10:30pm!