EXCLUSIVE! Scott Snyder Talks The Secret Origins Of 'Batman #21' On 'Behind The Bat'


Now that you've read the first part of Batman: Zero Year in DC Comics' Batman #21, we can talk spoilers, right? Good, because we sat down with writer Scott Snyder, and laid out all the secrets in the issue - including some giant teases about where the storyline is going next. Plus, Scott Snyder, professional artist? Check it all out on the second episode of our exclusive behind the scenes series, 'Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat':

Watch: Batman: Zero Year | Ep. 1 After-Show

Be sure to head back here next month, as we get even deeper into the bat-cave to talk about Batman #22! And in case you missed it, here's the first episode:

Watch: Batman: Zero Year | Ep. 1 Pre-Show


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