The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: 600 Supermen (And Women) Break The World Record

Superman World Record Breaking Sears Employees

In the new “Man of Steel” movie, director Zack Snyder will try to convince audiences the world needs a Superman. But, according to Sears and the Guinness World Records, the world needs about 600 of them.

Last week, on June 5, 566 employees gathered at the Sears Corporate Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Ill., to break the previous Guinness World Record of 437 people dressed as Superman in one place. Philip Robertson, Guinness World Records Adjudicator presented the certificate of the record to Ron Boire, Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer and President, Sears and Kmart Formats. Gathered at the Sears Holding Place, the super crowd (of men and women) assembled to break the record due to the department store chain’s tie-in with “Man of Steel,” opening in theaters today – a tie-in that incidentally involves having a Smallville Sears store demolished.

As for the Supermans in the photo, they all appear to be rocking the costume Henry Cavill wears in the new movie (which means no red underpants), and standing either in a fists-on-waist hero pose or in “up, up and away” stance. Hopefully those were natural poses once participants put on the cape and no one had to tell them what to do.

Ron Boire, Philip Robertson