Toy News Roundup: 'Walking Dead,' 'Big Bang Theory,' and More!


Here's a roundup of some of the best toy news of the past week!

THE BANKING DEAD!: Entertainment Weekly has a first look at the new "Walking Dead" Rick Grimes bust bank, though what good is money in a world overrun by Walkers?  Perhaps it could be used to contain batteries, or medicine, or something.  Y'know, it never pays to think too much about that series.


STILL NOT AS COLD AS CARBONITE: Gentle Giant has a look at their latest deluxe-style "Star Wars" Kenner figure: Han Solo in Hoth Gear.  Of course, the real challenge will be for "Star Wars" figure collectors who want to recreate their vintage toys in these $80 pieces. product_p 80335.htm

I...HAVE...THE PAPER!: Action Figure Xpress has announced their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, including this He-Man paperweight from Icon Heroes...


DEADPOOLS...DISSEMBLE!: ...and these adorable Deadpool Minimates.


OKAY, LET'S DO SOMETHING THAT'S NOT AN SDCC EXCLUSIVE NOW: Don't forget that Monday, June 17, is the order day for the MattyCollector exclusives for the month!  This month's offerings includes She-Ra's tentacled foe Octavia (only seen in the cartoon series previously), and a very Grant Morrison/Philip Tan-influenced take on the messed-up Red Hood.


BUST SINISTER: Sideshow Toys has posted a preview pic of its new life-sized Sinestro Corps Sinestro bust, the better to battle its Hal Jordan bust.  If busts could battle.  We're going to stop thinking about this now.


THERE IS NO STOPPING "THE BIG BANG THEORY."  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: As part of Funko's fan page, they've posted preview pics of these mad-adorable vinyl figures.  Roll that beautiful Big Bang footage!, context.



SWEET LORD, ANOTHER SDCC EXCLUSIVE, AT LEAST THIS ONE IS COOL: The Bridge Direct sent us this pic of the new "Hobbit" SDCC exclusive --  Orc Commander Azog, holdin' up the head of the poor ol' drawf king.

Azog_ComicCon13-Exclusive_TheBridgeDirect (1)

AND FINALLY: Look, despite reviews taking a distinctly downward spiral, you're gonna see "Man of Steel" this weekend to at least have something to talk about on the Internet, right?  I mean, I am.  So what better way to celebrate than by pre-ordering the new Sideshow Collectibles Superman figure from that film?

Man of Steel  Superman Premium Format Figure - Sideshow Collectibles -