'Drive' Director Refn To Adapt Jodorowsky/Moebius Classic 'The Incal'


The France Inter (via ICv2) reports that Nicolas Winding Refn, in Cannes promoting "Only God Forgives," revealed that he would be adapting the sprawling sci-fi story "The Incal."

If Refn--who's also adapting "Barbarella" while giving Ryan Gosling more things to kill on the screen--is able to get this off the ground, it would bring to life one of the most creatively fertile modern comics collaborations in any language.

The space opera "The Incal" follows, among other things, private eye John DiFool, who comes into possession of a version of the titular artifact which results in various factions from all over the universe painting a target on his back. The long-running strip was a collaboration between filmmaker, genius, and beautiful crazy person Alejandro Jodorowsky ("Holy Mountain," an aborted attempt at "Dune" in the late 70's) and the late, great Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius, the influential artist whose concepts have graced films like "The Fifth Element" and "Alien."

Refn's involvement is promising: the Danish filmmaker, who's amassed a far-ranging and eclectic filmography, tends to finish what he starts. So if he says he's binging "The Incal" to the big or small screen, it's probably going to happen.


I have to assume Jodo knows about this, though--he's apt to sue if he thinks "The Incal" is in any way being misappropriated, as he famously did in the late 90's when he claimed that Luc Besson lifted elements of "The Incal" for "The Fifth Element." And speaking of Jodorowsky, you should really check out "Jodorowsky's Dune," Frank Pavich's documentary which looks back at the writer-director's attempt to bring Frank Herbert's space opera to the screen with the involvement of Mobius, Pink Floyd, and a murderer's row of 70's artists, musicians, and actors.