The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: What Do Villains Do On Their Day Off?

Villains Day Off Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

So, what DO villains do on their day off?

A lot of pretty banal stuff, according to artist Kiersten Essenpreis. Her prints -- which hypothesize what evil-doers do when they're not doing evil -- feature a number of beloved villains, including Michael Myers, Alien, the Joker, and Jason Bateman. Each print illustrates a villain (or villainess!) in a decidedly boring, sometimes trending towards the violently mundane, scene.

Jessica Rabbit


Shredder and Krang

We've got Alien taking Ripley's cat to the vet, Hellraiser entertaining at a children's birthday party, and Jason Bateman treating his mother to what we like to imagine is a lovely afternoon in the park, complete with ice cream and animal balloons. Could this get better? Answer: no. Well, at least not until the Log Lady invites us over for a cup of tea and a bedtime story.

Looking for more rad art? Check out Kiersten Essenpreis' website for t-shirts, prints, and more!