Mondo's 'Man of Steel' Posters Go On Sale Tomorrow!


It wouldn't be a major movie launch without an accompanying Mondo poster (or two). Artists Ken Taylor and Martin Ansin are responsible for the latest pair of high-quality wall art commemorating "Man of Steel," and their striking prints will go on sale tomorrow at some random time via the Mondo site.

After the jump, feast your eyes on these limited edition prints and maybe you'll be one of the few hundred buyers lucky enough to snag one.

Poster by Ken Taylor



Edition: 300 (Regular) ; 150 (Variant)

Price: $50 (Regular) ; $75 (Variant)

man o steel

man o steel

Poster by Martin Ansin

Dimensions: 24"x36"

Edition: Regular edition TBD ; 100 (Metal Variant)

Price: $50 (Regular) ; $300 (Variant)

Metropolis - Final

Metropolis - Final