The 10 Weirdest Superman Items On eBay


Everyone in the comic book world knows that you are either the casual fan, meaning you read the comics, watch the cartoons and see the movies, or you’re the insane fan; the ones that take fandom to the next level. They not only do what the casual fans do, but they take a step further and engulf their whole existence in their favorite comic book heroes, Superman included. There are some avid Man of Steel collectors out there who probably have 90% of the following items, but we’re sure they don’t have them all, from sporting goods to toiletries, we’re counting down the oddest Superman items on eBay:


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10. Cake Pan

Even superheroes need to celebrate with some dessert every once in a while.


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9. Baby Chair

So you might be a little big to lounge around on it, but it’s the perfect accent to any room. At least that’s what you’ll tell whoever you live with after you bought it.


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8. Ceiling Fan

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a ceiling fan?


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7. Cologne

We’re guessing it smells a little like a phone booth, and is better left on the shelf on display rather than on your body.


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6. Kryptonite

If you don’t own your weakness, someone else will and they’ll use it against you.


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5. Golf Club Cover

Yeah, because nothing says you mean business on the green like Superman covering your clubs.


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4. Eye Patch

For those who can’t decide whether they want to be a caped crusader of a pirate.


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3. Creepy Bag

It might not be the prettiest to look at, but you’ll probably be the only person on your block – in the world with it.


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2. Mac And Cheese Box

Please note that it says you can’t consume.


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1. Horse Cover

If you have this, you are definitely the number 1 Superman fan. Also, if you have this... Why?