Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat: Scott Snyder On The Origin (Of The Origin) Of Batman


Over the next few weeks, MTV Geek will be taking a deeper look at writer Scott Snyder's upcoming character-defining arc, "Batman: Zero Year." Launching this week in "Batman" #21 with Greg Capullo on art, it sets the stage for Bruce Wayne's revised origin, starting with seeds planted all the way in "Batman" #0. In the clip after the jump, Snyder talks about the origins of the story, fear of touching the origins of one of the most iconic characters in the world, and bringing Bruce back from the dead.

Plus, this Friday, we'll have a spoiler-heavy video feature on "Batman" #21. So check back then for the next installment of MTV Geek's Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat series!

Watch: Batman: Zero Year | Ep. 1 Pre-Show