10 Life Lessons Learned From 'Jurassic Park'


There isn’t a kid out there - past or present - that goes through life without a dinosaur fascination. Whether you swore you’d be an archaeologist, or just watched Land Before Time so much that the VHS finally gave out, dinosaurs are a childhood staple. So when Jurassic Park came out, it took dinosaurs from a thing you thought was kind of cool... To an obsession. That movie took what we knew about dinosaurs and cranked it up to eleven, both with scientific facts and life lessons learned along the way. Here's the top ten things we learned from Jurassic Park:


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10. Don’t take kids on trips that are for testing safety

Really, we need to test how safe this park with huge, real life dinosaurs is and it’s okay to have little kids running around? That should’ve been the first clue that this park wasn’t stringent with its safety codes.


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9. Not all dinosaurs are from the Jurassic period

You assumed as much, but then after you became an “expert” at the age of 10, you headed to the library and found that some of the dinos in the movie weren’t even from the period it was named after!


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8. Velociraptors don’t mess around

When and if you ever make your own dinosaur theme park, DO NOT BREED VELOCIRAPTORS.


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7. How Does DNA Work?

Thanks to that little PSA DNA strand, we walked away with a better understanding of nature's little building blocks.


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6. Life will find a way

Jeff Goldblum managed to give the most sincere and haunting message of the whole film.


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5. What's amber?

Really, who had that word stored in their brain before Jurassic Park as anything other than a girl’s name?


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4. Never let the boats leave without you

...Even if there’s a sick dinosaur that needs you. When there’s a storm coming and you’re on an island, don’t stay back and be a hero – jump on the boat and be a coward.


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3. It's possible to have dinosaurs, but should we?

The science was there and made sense, but after the events of the movie... Maybe the prehistoric giants are better left dead.


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2. Never stop to use the bathroom

When there’s a T-Rex on the loose, you don’t have time to stop and do your business. In reality, most would’ve probably soiled their pants with that huge monster heading towards them, but still.


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1. T-Rex’s can’t see you if you don’t move

Now we know what to do when the inevitable T-Rex invasion begins!