The Best Thing Ever of the Day: ‘Star Wars’ Ewok Themed Sushi!


Photo credit: LydMc

by Alison H. Mayer

Mmmm, teddy bears. Blogger LydMc created these little guys while hosting the last of a three-part Star Wars marathon with her friends and fellow Ewok-eating enthusiasts. By combining rice, salmon, basil, and fresh veggies she transformed plain old sushi (still pretty great in the grand scheme of things) into a delicious nerdy treat. She even provides us with the ingenious Kiwoks (that’s right, kiwis dressed up like Ewoks) for dessert!

Fortunately, LydMc posted her step-by-step process on her blog, so now you too can imbibe in these little riceballs full of delicious.

Head over to her blog to learn more!