Toy News Roundup: Man Of Steel! Power Rangers! ...Tacos?


Welcome to the Toy News Roundup, our weekly compilation of some of the coolest -- and sometimes weirdest -- toy news of the past seven days.

POWER LORDS! On Monday, June 17, you'll see toy creators the Four Horsemen on TLC's "Cake Boss" in an episode featuring a cake based on their revival of the 1980s "Power Lords" line.

MAUL RATS! Now available on Big Bad Toy Store -- pre-orders for the Star Wars Black Darth Maul 6" figure.

darth maul

I HAVE THE POWER (RANGERS)! S.H. Figuarts has revealed pics of its next Power Rangers figure, the Pink Ranger.  WE STILL DEMAND RITA AND ZEDD.


TACO POOL! Let never it be said that the Deadpool Corps just fell off the taco truck...though that's where you'll find the motley crew in this exclusive set  for San Diego Comic-Con, bringing Hasbro's total of awesome Comic-Con exclusives up to approximately five billion.


IT'S A STEEL! As we near the final countdown (do-de-do-do, doodle-do-do-do!) for "Man of Steel," occupy yourself with this awesome DC Collectibles Superman vs. Zod statue.

superman and zod

IT'S A STEEL, TOO! Or you could just anticipate this new Kotobukiya "Superman: For Tomorrow" ARTFX statue based on Jim Lee's art (and Brian Azzarello's very confusing story).


SWAMP'D! DC Collectibles also has video of  its New 52 Swamp Thing figure (with antlers and leaf-wings) and its mad-armored Deathstroke figure.

WHO-MAN? HE-MAN! Speaking of DC and collectibles, MattyCollector has a survey where fans can decide if they'd like to see figures of the Masters of the Universe characters as they appear in their new DC title.

And our friend Pixel Dan has pics of the new "Mini-Masters" that will be available at SDCC.

TASTY LITTLE MORDELS! Getting into lesser-known-but-still-beloved toys of the 1980s -- a few weeks back we wrote about "Rocks and Bugs and Things" in our discussion of rock-based toys in relation to Masters of the Universe's Comet Warriors.  Well, Toyfinity is bringing back the Mordels, the hapless little rubber people at the mercy of those rocks and bugs and things.  For a refresher course, here's the original commercial:

Toyfinity is also reviving the "Robo-Force" line, and bringing forth some of the unmade 'bots.

Robo Force

If you have no idea who these 'bots were, they starred in a one-shot cartoon for a potential series in 1984...a year before their actual toys shipped.

DOOOOOOOOMKICKED! And if you just want some cool retro-1980s-styled figures like the "Realm of the Underworld" line we highlighted recently, check out Doomkick, which creates translucent jewel-type hero dudes.

NOT NECA-SSARILY THE NEWS! We'd like to round this out with a ton of news from NECA!

First off, NECA's started a new online store, 

Next, they've Tweeted the packaging for their SDCC exclusive NES Jason...which of course looks just like the box the famously bad video game came in.

Also at SDCC: "Kick-Ass 2" figures with uncensored packaging revealing the characters' full names, including one we can't say even here.

And BEST FOR LAST: NECA's Tweeted a pic of their Robocop ED-209 toy with details, and it is SWEET.


That's all for this week! See you back here soon with more toy news!