The 'Six Million Dollar Man' Gets A Twenty Dollar Action Figure


"Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen... We can rebuild him. Better. Stronger. Faster. Much, much smaller. And with a Bigfoot."

As 1970s TV-and-Toy hit "The Six Million Dollar Man" enjoys a nostalgia  revival with 8-inch Mego-style dolls and continuing high prices for the 1970s dolls with bionic vision, lifting, etc. on the collector's market, it's the perfect time for these new Kenner-style 3 3/4"  figures of Steve Austin and his hairy friend; but act now, because they won't be around for long.

ZICA Toys just announced several sets of everyone's favorite Six Million Dollar <an (or $27,552,315.16 today, according to an inflation calculator) that are available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store for $19.99 each, and due to arrive in the third quarter of 2013.

The initial line includes the track-suited Bionic Man himself, the alien robot Bigfoot thingie portrayed by the late great Andre the Giant (moment of silence), and a variant blue tracksuit Steve Austin that's available in a set with the others for a total of $49.99.


These sets will only be available through July 31, 2013, so get them now before retailers get the chance to charge what they want for that blue tracksuit. You never know what people will pay for a tracksuit these days.


Excited you can now have Steve Austin battle alongside your G.I. Joes and "Star Wars" dudes?  Let us know!