Who'd Like An Exclusive First Look At A 'Regular Show' Watch? My Mom!


Where's the H in High-Five Ghost when you need him? Because Vannen definitely deserves a solid slap to the ol' palm-skin for their latest 'Regular Show' watch: "Blacklight"! Not only does it have an appropriately bad-ass moniker, but JG Quintel (creator of 'Regular Show') has even randomly signed some of the packaging! Read on for all the info, and as many photos as your eyeholes can handle in this MTV Geek First Look!


Vannen is excited to announce "Blacklight" our second special edition Regular Show watch with Cartoon Network. This super sleek, solid matte black watch features crazy, overlapping, neon line art of all your favorite Regular Show characters. We got an incredible response to our super-limited, first-of-its-kind "Mordecai and The Rigbys" watch, so to thank the fans for their support, we've lowered the price on this quality, collectible timepiece to just $60.


If that wasn't cool enough, "Blacklight" also has randomly inserted packaging signed by Regular Show creator, JG Quintel. "Blacklight" watches will also be randomly assorted with two different crown engravings featuring either Mordecai or Rigby.


With the new, low price, surprise bonuses and the limited amount of watches on hand, we expect these to move quickly, so be sure to grab yours fast.

"Blacklight" will be available Friday, June 7th at 9am PT / 12pm ET only at VannenWatches.com.


I know you're probably thinking,"Why the eff would I need a watch when I have a perfectly good cell phone that has the time posted right on the front screen?" Well, maybe you need to ask yourself, "What would Pops do?" I think he'd buy a watch... and try to pay for it with candy. Luckily, you're better than that!