Exclusive: Animated Trailer for Gene Luen Yang's 'Boxers and Saints'


Gene Luen Yang's award-winning 2006 graphic novel "American Born Chinese" examined ancient myth and current struggles. His new, two-part graphic novel, "Boxers and Saints," coming from First Second Books in September, pinpoints a specific point in Chinese history, the Boxer Rebellion, and examines it from the perspective to two distinct characters.

First Second was kind enough to provide MTV Geek with an exclusive, animated trailer for the books, which you can watch below.

Watch: Gene Yang's 'Boxers and Saints' Trailer

In an interview with Wired, Yang said he found the religious conflicts that catalyzed the Boxer Rebellion -- in which a sect of Chinese nationalists violently opposed European Christian imperialism at the start of the 20th Century -- particularly relevant more than 100 years after it happened:

"In many ways, the Boxer Rebellion embodies a conflict that some Asian and Asian American Christians struggle with, a conflict between our Eastern cultural heritage and our Western faith," he said. "The two-volume structure is meant to reflect this conflict. In one volume, the Boxers are the protagonists. In the other, the Chinese Christians are."