Join MTV Geek At Denver Comic Con!


Comics! Gaming! Shatner! This weekend, the MTV Geek team is in the Mile High city to sample the finest of Denver Comic Con 2013, and we're going to give you a sneak peek into what to expect (as well as pointers for what to look out for at the Colorado convention).

The most important thing you should know about Denver Comic Con is that it's a convention with a cause: all proceeds from tickets for the three-day show will be donated to Comic Book Classroom, a group that promotes literacy through comics for poor children in local Colorado communities. We'll be detailing more of the Comic Book Classroom cause, but it's nice to know that your participation at the show this weekend will be doing some good.

Let's talk about the venue: The first thing you should know (if you don't realize it when you walk through the doors of the Colorado Convention Center) is that Denver Comic Con is show that's still growing. This isn't the sprawl of larger or medium-sized cons like San Diego or Wizard World, meaning much of the diverse 2013 show is largely tucked away in the front half of the convention center space while a signing area for film, television, and comic guests throughout the weekend along with a food court area in the back. Oh, and this is a first (for me, at least): near the front of the convention center, you can find a cash bar (21 and up, obviously) if you want to get your drank on at the show, and I'm curious how this will blend with the already heady mix of adults in costumes navigating an unfamiliar convention center.


It's a more intimate space, meaning foot traffic isn't nearly as restrictive as it is at some of the established conventions--if you need to make it to your 11:00 panel, chances are, you're going to make it there. It also allows the Denver con organizers to throw in some features you wouldn't see at other jam-packed venues, like a classic car display from film and movies spread throughout the show floor (you should really get a picture with the souped-up modern ECTO-1 on display) as well as a Rock Band stage (it makes more sense than you think: Saturday night, the Con is sponsoring Rock Comic Con, a multi-band event taking place offsite at the Hard Rock Cafe). Peppered throughout, you've got your usual mix of t-shirt stands, local vendors, a small-ish artist's alley (get over there and say hello to some of your favorite creators). Missing: booths from any of the major publishers, although Top Shelf was on site and as ever, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not heading to their corner booth and saying hello.

As for guests, the Denver con's lineup isn't too shabby: not only is Shatner going to be in attendance on Sunday, but perennial convention attendees like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day will be on hand alongside TV and film types like "S.H.I.E.L.D." star J. August Richards, "Warehouse 13's" Saul Rubinek, superstar artist Fiona Staples, and comic book icon Neal Adams. You can find the full list of guests here.

And that's the con (in brief). Of course, we'll be bringing you updates throughout the weekend--you might not expect any big comic, film, or television announcements to come out of the show, but it is an opportunity to get some face time with some of our favorite creators and television and film stars, and we're definitely geeked about sharing that with you.