SDCC 2013: Hot Toys Go SUPERNOVA In New Preview Photos!



We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no way you'll be able to afford all these super-premium upcoming San Diego Comic-Con figures from Hot Toys -- which is a shame, at they keep raising the bar for "Coolest Thing Ever."

They've hinted at a new 1/6 scale "G.I. Joe" Cobra Commander figure -- pretty much the toy you always wanted as a kid, with a truly chrome helmet and a super-menacing look.  We'll let you know when more details on this bad dude are available.

But that's nothing compared to the preview pic for their Comic-Con reveals. We'll let this speak for itself:


Sweet Lord.

Where to start?  The light-up Iron Man bust?  The fact that the Hulk is so movie-accurate you can practically see Mark Ruffalo's face?  The way that Catwoman could finally [creepy Anne Hathaway joke self-censored by writer]. There are no words other than PRETTY AMAZING. Though I might have to knock over a few liquor stores to afford that Hulk.

But wait!  There's more!

Hot Toys has posted some pics of its new 1/6 scale Robocop...AND  a scaled ED-209!


Interchangeable faces.  Working thigh holster.  Die-Cast parts.  Sound effects and dialogue from the movie.


The greatest thing Detroit has ever made besides, you know, cars, has received his finest spotlight.   This is almost as good as your own damn Robocop.

And his cool-looking-yet-comically-ineffectual nemesis has an equally-cool toy!




And here's a look at the sound effect options:


It'll do everything but fall down the stairs and/or blow away some unlucky soul volunteering for a demonstration.  That's probably for the best.

If you have even MORE bank to spare, you can go for this version of Robo with his docking station, which has its own sound effects.  We're pretty sure baby food is not included, though we'll have to see if there's any audio of Miguel Ferrer going, "You're gonna be a BAD mother--"



Over the weekend, Hot Toys even announced that due to fan demand, they're working on an unhelmeted head for Robo!


All that is now needed is a Clarence Boddicker figure, so that Kurtwood Smith can FINALLY get an action figure, and possibly one of Paul McCrane's Emil with interchangeable toxic-waste-melted features.

Life is good.

Big Bad Toy Store had these figures up for $299.99 (Robocop), $424.99 (Robocop with Chair) and $409.99 (ED-209)...though it's a moot point as pre-orders are all sold out. The estimated arrival date for all is February 2014.

Planning to get these when they're out?  Your move, creep...uh, we mean let us know!