Review: This Is The Batman Figure You Deserve, AND The Play Arts Toy You Need


Batman. It seems like there's been a practically unlimited amount of action figures and toys coming out all the time that feature Mr. Wayne's cowled visage-- and I wouldn't have it any other way! Case in point: the latest high-quality import from Square-Enix' Play Arts Kai line of figures based on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy! Without even trying, I've managed to amass quite a wide array of Batman figures, and recently it seems my favorites have come from Square Enix. How will this Christian Bale-version of the Dark Knight stack up? Will he randomly have pieces pop off and/or snap in twain, like some of my other Play Arts of years past? Or will he turn out to be my new favorite law-breaking-billionaire-orphan?! Read on to find out!



The packaging for Batman, and the entire Dark Knight Trilogy Play Arts Kai line, utilizes the familiar flapped, window-box design we've been seeing as part of their "Batman: Arkham City" and Halo series. A Nice shot of the figure covers the front, and after opening the velcro flaps, the inside front cover has some back history for Batman in the films and the right side has a translucent window so the toy itself, and its accessories, can be seen. Upon opening the box, the figure is contained inside a plastic blister tray. Behind the tray, a figure stand is attached to the inside back of the box. The packaging is a little large than the last round of Batman figures, and it''s a box. It's really just a temporary holder for the figure from the factory to my clutches! Now, it's time to free Batman from his restraints!


Batman's sculpt is exactly what you'd expect from the Play Arts Kai line. It features every single speck of the suit's detail from "The Dark Knight Rises" while incorporating a s**t-ton of articulation, and enough flare (the sculpting of the cape, in particular) to set it apart as a Square-Enix toy. You wanna know more about the sculpt? Well, look at the photos!


The paint for the figure easily captures the look of Batman from the films. No neon green highlights here--just gray on black, with more gray...and a little more black added. You can't have enough black! Seriously though, the figure is mostly molded in black plastic with gray added to some armor pieces and a glossy black finish added to the chest symbol. Some gray airbrushing has also been added to show off the details of the sculpt. The face has has glossy eyes and skin-tones for the mouth and chin that peak out from the armored cowl. This guy isn't quite as complex in color as some of their previous Batmen, but he's spot-on from the source material.


When it comes to articulation, this figure excels thanks to the usual Play Arts Kai formula. Batman features tons of articulation points, and now I'm gonna list them off-- because that's what I do! Bruce has a ball-joint head, ball-joint neck, hinged shoulder blades, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint torso, ball-joint waist, ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. He even has two swivel/hinge joints on his back that attach to his cape for even more posing options! All of the joints on the figure I picked up are tight and hold their position well. Wow, there just really aren't that many gripes when it comes to this guy. "Damn you Square-Enix for not giving me something to bitch about! People feed on drama!"


One thing that Square-Enix excels at in their Play Arts Kai line is accessories, and this Batman figure doesn't sully that reputation in the least. He comes equipped with 5 extra hands, two grenades (one armed, and one not), a batarang, an adjustable figure stand, and his trusty grapnel gun. The hands are easily replaced by sliding them from the wrist post. Recently Square-Enix strengthened the wrist attachments, so now there is no worry of breakage that existed with other Batman and Metal Gear figures. The weapons are all made of strong, yet pliable plastic which allows them to fit snuggly into the proper hands. While all of the extras are nice, I prefer to have Bats sporting is fists-- cause those are his greatest tools!


All in all, this collectible is very well done and is the highest quality Nolan-esque Batman figure you can get, outside of Hot Toys. He's fun to pose, looks great on a shelf, and is intimidating enough that your other figures will swear to him-- lest he drops them from the bookcase and into the awaiting maw of a cat! This Batman is available now and can be snagged at your local comic shop or any number of online retailers.