Spider-Man 2099 and Hellcat Get Statues from Sideshow Collectibles and Bowen Designs


If you've got a taste for cult Marvel Comics heroes sitting on your desktop, you're going to want to check out these new statues from Sideshow Collectibles and Bowen Designs!

Sideshow has posted on its website advance pics of new polystone statues of Spider-Man 2099 and Hellcat, which are available for pre-order.  Let's check 'em out and give you the 411 on these characters!

First up, Spider-Man 2099, the very cool Spider-Man of the future.  Great costume, huh?

<p style="text-align: center;Spider-Man 2099 Polystone Statue - Bowen Designs - SideshowCollectibles.com

Sideshow notes that this final version will have a translucent webbing-cape, so keep that in mind.

The short version is that Miguel O'Hara was a scientist in a corporate-controlled future with flying cars, who got into a "The Fly"-type situation that actually merged his DNA with that of a spider's , and he got talons on his fingertips and organic webshooters years before the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film, and he fought a bunch of future versions of Spider-foes and then the 2099 line got canned, though some subsequent stories gave him a happy ending and he's appeared in the Marvel Universe a few times, including an upcoming appearance in "Superior Spider-Man."

Also, he once had an action figure that came with a flaming axe.

Spider-Man axe

...we don't get it either.  I actually had a chance to ask the characters' creators, Peter David and Rick Leonardi, about this on separate occasions, and neither knew what the deal was with it.

Bygones.  On to Hellcat!

<p style="text-align: center;Hellcat Polystone Statue - Bowen Designs - SideshowCollectibles.com

This heroine has one of the strangest histories in all of comics.  Bear with us now.

First, she was the star of a series of Archie-esque comics called "Patsy Walker" for years, then was introduced into the Marvel Universe proper when X-Man the beast got a solo series where he turned furry, and later blue.  Then she hung out with the Avengers and found a super-costume belonging to The Cat, a feline-themed superheroine who got turned into Tigra, a literal cat-lady who wore a bikini.  Then she had a magic pocketbook belonging to "Devil-Slayer" for a while, and then she hung out with the Defenders, and then she married the literal "Son of Satan," and then he got a solo series and she went crazy and Warren Ellis had her kill herself, but then she got resurrected from Hell by the Avengers and now had actual hell powers, and then hung around with Firestar, Black Cat and Photon for a miniseries for no particular reason.

...if you were able to follow all that, more power to you.

Spidey is $229.99 and Hellcat is $224.99, and both are scheduled to ship in August.

Planning to get these, and have any other Marvel characters you'd like in statue form?  We're partial to Omega the Unknown and Woodgod, but that's just us.  Still saving up for that Bowen MODOK statue...