New 'Man of Steel' Movie Masters Wave 2 Includes Superman and Ticked-Off Zod!

 Superman Header

"Man of Steel" hits theaters this week, and Wave One of the actor-accurate "Movie Masters" figures are already hitting shelves... Plus, now we've got a look at the fierce Kryptonian action fans are in for in Wave 2, seen in the package!

The new figures includes Superman with the key to the Fortress of Solitude (or whatever they're calling it in this film), two versions of General Zod (shackled and armored) and Faora, chief officer in Zod's evil Kryptonian runnin' crew.

Here's the pics!

Superman Movie Masters 1

Superman Movie Masters 2

Superman Movie Masters 3

Superman Movie masters 4

We're not sure what the difference is between the shackled Zod and his non-shackled version from the first wave, though he does look a bit more honked off.  Being shackled will do that.  At least he's not in the Phantom Zone this time out.

These figures are due in the second quarter of 2013 -- and here's a look at the first wave, consisting of Superman, non-shackled Zod, and Kryptonian Daddy Jor-El, aka Russell Crowe.  They retail for $17.99 at Big Bad Toy Store.  There are no announcements about Lois Lane or Jonathan Kent yet, though you could always have your Superman figure interact with one of the Kevin Costner figures from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" or "Waterworld," though that would almost make it like Superman's dad was Aquaman...ohhhhhh, I've wasted my life.


And hey,  here's that awesome Hans Zimmer theme from the latest trailer to get your adrenaline going!  Y'all mad pumped?  'cause I know y'all mad pumped.