Toy News Roundup: 'Walking Dead,' 'Axe Cop,' And More Are Hitting Shelves


Here's our look at some of the coolest toys announcements of the past week!

Square Enix has pics of a new Play Arts Kai Batman Metallic Black Exclusive for SDCC. The Dark Knight just got darker, folks!


SH Figuarts has pics of a new MechaGodzilla that will ship in October. That's a bad dude right there!


Here's a talk with the people behind the new Captain Action line, with looks at such upcoming costumes as a "build-a-figure" Hawkeye!

Robot Kingdom has pics of a Masterpiece Vehicle Voltron, that's made of tons and tons of really tiny vehicles that took forever to assemble.

Mezco has posted pics and opened pre-orders for a new pack of 4-inch Axe Cop figures, based on the hit webcomic and upcoming Fox cartoon starring the voice of Nick "Ron Swanson" Offerman.


Funko has new pics of its "Walking Dead" vinyl toys, including new versions of Merle Dixon and the Governor!


And if you like those, check out these new Minimates based on "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman's other long-running Image Comics series, "Invincible!" The box set is due out in November.


Mattel has released package pics of Octavia, the June offering from's "Masters of the Universe Classics" line.  The Horde foe from the "She-Ra" cartoon has long been demanded by fans, but dammit, where's her Horde-mate Scorpia?!  EVERYONE WANTS SCORPIA.


For fans of the classic anime "Gatchaman"/"Battle of the Planets," there's a new 1/7 PVC figure of Jun the Swan, part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tatsonoko, the animation company which produced the series, along with the likes of "Speed Racer," "Neon Genesis Evangelion," the film of "Akira" and many others.


3A Toys has posted pics of its new creation "Dead Astronaut Gangsta," which is pretty much as BADASS as it gets.


And finally, NECA has new pics of its Robocop ED-209 toy for later this summer.  Check out our piece on Hot Toys' OTHER version of ED-209 -- though this one is a lot more affordable!

Thanks for reading this week!  Next weekend, I'll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC if you want to say hi!  Look for the guy with the Nintendo Power Glove...who'll be going through plenty of the used toy booths!