SDCC 2013: Add That Creepy-Undead-Baby Factor With Mezco's Living Dead Dolls



The first of Mezco Toyz' many exclusives, the variant editions of Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 7, will be available at San Diego Comic-Con and in limited quantities online, and MTV Geek is giving you the first look! A toddler-esque nun sporting a leather habit and a gas mask? Yeah, they've got one of those -- so read on to see how you can have one too!

Mezco Toyz Reveals Summer Exclusive: Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 7-Variant Edition

As the world of fandom collectively counts down to the July 18th start of San Diego Comic-Con International 2013, Mezco adds fuel to the flames of excitement by revealing the details of one of their Summer Exclusives:Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 7-Variant Edition!

The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set claws its way from the grave for 2013.The latest dolls to be reimagined for the collection are: Revenant, Dahlia, Lust, & Killbaby.

All four feature glass-like eyes that seem to peer into your very soul. Each member of this limited edition quartet of the damned comes with its own death certificate, and entombed in its own coffin.







This is a non-numbered limited edition item.

A limited amount are available online at Mezco Toyz' official website, but don’t delay because once they're gone, they are gone forever!

Be sure to visit Mezco at San Diego Comic-Con at booth 3445.

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In all the times I've reported on the Living Dead Dolls, and reviewed them for the site, Mezco never ceases to amaze me with just how disturbing these things can be, while still keeping that sense of "fun"... y'know, that twisted, borderline-criminal sense of fun!