Best Thing Ever Of The Day: The Most Intense Stephen King Flowchart Of All Time


Photo By: Marc Andrew Deley / Getty Images Entertainment

Fans of Stephen King's (sometimes sneakily) connected universe know that the prolific horror maetsro plants enough nuggets, easter eggs, and inside tidbits to make Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse feel who never does stuff like that*.

Well thanks to Gillian a.k.a. Tessie Girl's amazing poster, you guys will always have some type of reference material for the next time you get in an argument with one of your friends who swears Dinky Earnshaw from "Dark Tower" has nothing to do with Carrie White.


You can grab a copy of the flowchart poster from Tessie Girl's website, which I highly recommend you do. This was a ton of work, man!

[H/T Popcandy]

*Taking suggestions for this.