Review: Ram Man Muscles His Way Into 'Masters Of The Universe Classics'


Ram Man, named after his insatiable appetite for Eternian prostitutes ramming things, has finally made his way into Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line and today I'm reviewing this mountainous piece of plastic!


Ram Man was heavily-desired by fans since the toy lines inception, and after years of anticipation, the "Heroic Human Battering Ram" has managed to jump head-first into collector's clutches. One thing is for sure: he's bound to be infinitely better than the spring-loaded, hollow, plastic turd that was first released way back in 1983!


The packaging for Ram Man is the exact same type we've seen from every other MotUC figure to date, except for one difference: it's huge! Yes, that's what she said, AND she was right! The blister and cardboard backer are almost double the size of a regular figure. According to the bio on the back of the card, Ram Man's real name is Krass and his armor has mystical abilities which allow it to absorb raw force. Thus, Rammy can slam his head into stuff until the sun goes down with nary a sign of fatigue! Hurrah!


The sculpt for Ram Man is 100% original-- and when it comes to Masters of the Universe Classics figures, that is a big damn deal! Mattel's flagship collector line revels in parts reuse (as did its vintage counterpart), so the likes of a brand new sculpt has only been seen a handful of times over the last few years. Being given a "clean slate," the Four Horsemen knocked it out of the park with the detail and added articulation working together to bring about a Ram Man that marries his vintage figure, the original cross-sell artwork, and the 200X look (the unmasked head) together to form a giant hunk of plastic goodness! While he doesn't tower over the other figures in the line, Ram Man is easily twice as wide. His biceps put He-Man's to shame. To shame!


The paint job used for Ram Man is simple, and cleanly done with enough added shading to help bring out the details in the sculpt. Most of the figure has been molded in the proper base color and the whole thing comes together very well.


Articulation for Ram Man varies a little from the other MotUC figures -- but only when it comes to his legs. Ram Man still sports the ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, swivel boo tops, and hinged ankles; but, he also sports swivel/hinge knees. All of the articulation is tight on the figure I've got, and the only real complaint comes from the thigh's restricted movement due to Ram Man's "skirt."


Ram Man comes with an extra head (un-helmeted) and one accessory: his battleaxe. He holds it in one hand, like he always has, which allows Ram Man to add insult to injury because what's more humiliating after getting knocked through a wall, than having your extremities hacked off?! When not in use, the axe can be clipped onto the center or his back -- in such a way that I'm not entirely sure how he can reach it. I guess that's what he has friends around for.


As you can see, Ram Man can have two different looks by simply switching out the head. The first is wearing the classic helmet and the second is showing his skull-cap. Is that the top of his head? It certainly looks bolted on...hmmm, I'm not sure, but I feel that makes him creepier, and I'm always up for more of that! What both faces have in common are Ram Man's squinted eyes and pursed lips. It's like he's looking directly into the sun after drinking sour lemonade -- or the Eternian equivalent. The face looks to be based on the original cross-sell art (as seen on the bio on the back of his package) and distinguishes him from the "kind and gentle giant" of the 200X series.



As it stands, Ram Man is a fantastic figure for fans of the character, Masters of the Universe Classics, or blocky action figures. He was originally available on the Matty Collector website, but that didn't last long; so, if you're interested in adding him to your shelves, be prepared to battle your way across the wastes of eBay. Me? I'm gonna continue having Ram Man fight villains in the lake -- cause it's hot as hell outside and I need to cool down!