Top 10 ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Cameos

The wait for something new from “Arrested Development” came to an end this Memorial Day weekend, but while the season as a whole is getting mixed reviews, one thing’s for sure…it was chock full of cameos. From a paper salesmen of “The Office” to the telemarketers of “Workaholics,” everyone seemed to make an appearance.

Here are our faves!

10. Busy Philipps as Joan the News Anchor
When she’s not drinking wine on TBS’ “Cougartown,” she’s playing a super annoying news anchor next to legendary newsman, John Beard.

9. Amy Hill as Noh
Noh isn’t one to be messed with. She’s part of the Jade Triad Gang in the white collar prison Lucille’s stuck in, and she doesn’t play around.

8. Garcelle Beauvais as Ophelia Love
Anyone who makes a man out of little ol’ Buster deserves a best cameo nod.

7. Isla Fisher as Rebel Alley
She plays not only Ron Howard’s daughter (fictional, of course), but also the girl Michael can’t help but fall for instantly.

6. The “Workaholics” crew as the Airport Employees
Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Erik Griffin show up as the employees of the airport Michael’s trying to get a magazine from. They make him buy a ticket, but for the record, he was the “star” of the issue.

5. John Krasinski as a Jerry Bruckheimer Productions employee
Okay, so this wasn’t a huge part, but it’s John Krasinski and he makes everything better.

4. Mary Lynn Rajskub as Heartfire
As the right-hand gal to George Sr., Heatfire said very little, but managed to get her point across as one of the best guest stars.

3. Terry Crews as Herbert Love
A misogynistic, right-winged, cheater…He was the character you couldn’t help but love?

2. Conan O’Brien as Himself
We’re pretty sure Conan isn’t as nasty to Andy Richter as “Arrested Development” shows him to be, but his portrayal as a horrible boss was flawless.

1. Kristen Wiig & Seth Rogen as younger Lucille & George Bluth
You couldn’t have one without the other. The pair were as great together as Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambor are regularly.

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