'Cooking with Thrones' Heads To Staten Island With Vinny Guadagnino And His Mother Paola To Recap 'Game of Thrones'


Vinny Guadagnino from MTV's "The Show with Vinny" and his mother, Paola Guadagnino, join Geek host Steven Smith in this Staten Island-based installment of "Cooking with Thrones" to cook up a feast of Honey Chicken while recapping the latest of "Game of Thrones" episode "Second Sons"!

Watch: Vinny Guadagnino | Cooking With Thrones | Ep. 8

As you'll see in the video, Steven and Vinny geek about "Second Sons" while Paola does the heavy lifting in the kitchen. Sure, she doesn't know a Targaryen from a Dire Wolf, but that doesn't make her any less of an important member of "CoT" recap team.

Some stray observations about "Game of Thrones" from Paola Guadagnino:

"You never touch chicken and then touch anything else."

"The Eunuch is the people with no penis."

"I'm human, Vinny, you know that right?"

"I don't like leeches."

"There's only one god."

"They found dragon remains in Australia. A lot. Too many."

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