Wonder Ali's Best Stuff I Read This Week: 'Daredevil,' 'Journey into Mystery,' And More


I read a lot of comics. Like, A LOT a lot. I’ve got my Wednesday comics, trade paperbacks for my commute, and my perpetually growing to-be-read stack. But there are always books that stand out. Comics that are so great you want hug them the second you finish reading them and then tell all of your friends (and a few strangers) about 'em--the Best Stuff. Here’s the Best Stuff I Read This Week.

Hey there, campers! The unofficial start to summer kicks off this Memorial Day weekend! While that means hitting the beach, firing up the grill, or heading out of town for most people, for us indoor kids, it means curling up with some great comics (and maybe a cool gin and tonic) for a nice long weekend reading next to the air conditioner. No? Just me?

Anyway. I’m pretty sure you’re all more than ready to get this weekend started. So I won’t ramble. On to the Best Stuff from this week!

"Daredevil" #26 daredevil26

By Mark Waid and Chris Samnee (Marvel Comics)

Sometimes I forget how freaking brilliant this book is. Which is a shame because no one should forget that. This week’s issue grabbed me by the proverbial lapels and gave me a good shake. This is a comic I should always, always pay attention to.

One of my favorite things about this book is the way the series is structured. There are a lot of short, one- or two-issue stories that have been quietly building up to a Big Bad that’s been working behind the scenes the whole time -- kinda like a season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. The reveal of Daredevil’s Big Bad may have been a bit on the predictable side, but like they say: it’s the journey, not the destination that counts. And oh my stars and garters what a fun and exciting journey it’s been! I simply can’t get enough of this book.

And that’s all before the back-up story. Which (sorry) I need to talk about. If you’ve been reading “Daredevil”, you know that Matt Murdock’s BFF Foggy Nelson’s been diagnosed with cancer. While he’s in the hospital, one of the doctors asks him talk to the kids in children’s oncology ward - just as a filler until Iron Man shows up. And these brave and brilliant children are writing a comic book about how Iron Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four are saving New York from a super-cancer monster. RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

"Journey into Mystery" #652journey-into-mystery-652

By Katheryn Immonen and Valerio Schiti (Marvel Comics)

Can we talk about how gorgeous this book is? It’s unreal how beautiful this it looks. Schiti’s art has this elegant Art Noveau feel and Jordie Bellaire’s colors. I can’t even. I think she’s probably the best colorist in comics right now. Her work feels so alive, it just lifts the art off the page and defines the world of the story.

This issue pushed so many of the right buttons for me: a leading lady who enjoys punching things, ex-boyfriends literally crashing back into the scene, space stations on asteroids near Jupiter, Thor’s ex-girlfriends poking fun at him. Really. What’s not to like.

"Young Avengers" #5YoungAvengers5

By Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie with Mike Norton (Marvel Comics)

I know I talk about this book all the time. But something very, very, VERY important happened in this issue. Sorry for the spoilers, sweetie, but KID LOKI IS BACK! Well, sorta. If you were following along with Kid Loki’s adventures back in the old “Journey into Mystery”, you probably remember that things did not end well for the adorable, winsome trickster. And that really, evil old Loki has taken over Kid Loki. Except this week we found out that real Kid Loki is still in there! And he’s battling to be the dominant consciousness (oh, comics). Anyway. I did a happy dance on the subway when I got to this scene.

Also, Marvel Boy continues to be fantastic.

Let’s call it a day, campers! Get out of here and have some fun!