Hot Toys Joker Reminds Us Mimes Are Evil, Yet Awesome


Holy Shields and Yarnell, Batman!  What's scarier than clowns?  Why, mimes of course!  And that's why there's nothing scarier than this Hot Toys take on the Joker as a mime from the 1989 "Batman" film!

Due to ship in December, this take on the Jack Nicholson version of the character fuses makeup-based horrors into a form unrealized since Tim Curry as Pennywise in "Stephen King's IT."  Here's some pics!





For $229.99, Joker-holics get a 30 cm figure with 30 points articulation, a dead-on likeness of Jack Nicholson, heaps of extra hands and accessories, and Hot Toys' patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), which is almost as unsettling as the whole mime thing.

Mimes.  Brr.

Cash-strapped fans can do a payment system for as little as $76.66 a month.  No, there is no sign as to when the half-Batman half-Joker Prince played in the "Batdance" video will appear in toy form, though the world might be better for that. Pre-order here!