Pity The Decepticon Fool Who Goes Up Against This Mr. T. Transformer

Mr T

There is now a contest to win a custom Transformer that goes from the "A-Team" van to a robotic Mr. T.!

We'll take a moment to allow that to sink in.

Retro Con 2013, which takes place in Philadelphia on September 14, has started a contest to win a custom fusion of two of the 1980s most powerful forces of nature.

The prize?  The aforementioned T-Autobot.




The challenge?  Bring your artistic skills to this page from a classic Mr. T activity book, and depict what T's dreaming.


T appears content, so we can only assume that he ain't dreamin' about goin' up in no aereoplane.  In fact, that only makes it all the more appropriate that he has been realized as an Autobot, the better to battle the plane-based Decepticons.

Now, to enter this contest, you have to actually go to Retro Con and put a photocopy of your image on a special table with your contact info, so make sure you really want this before thinking of some idea. A pilgrimage is required.

We can only hope for something similarly awesome next year, such as a DeLorean that turns into a Michael J. Fox bot (with optional "Teen Wolf" face) or a Trans Am that turns into the 'Hoff with cyber-'fro.

Planning to enter this contest?  Let us know!

[Source: RetroCons]

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