The Top 10 Worst Places To Spend Memorial Day Weekend


This Memorial Day, many of you will be getting away for some well-deserved R&R. Some of you might head to the beach, some of you might take in the wonders of a national park, while some of you might just hang in the hammock in the backyard. Whichever destination you choose, hopefully you stay far away from these hellholes...because you can end up eaten by a dinosaur, murdered in a shower, munched on by a zombie, or WORSE!

These are the 10 WORST places to spend Memorial Day Weekend!

10. Grandma and Grandpa’s House ("Bob’s Burgers")


There’s a chance you might get paid big money to find a missing chihuahua, but the idea that you could stumble into one of your grandparents “special meetings” isn’t worth the pay day.

9. Eerie, Indiana ("Eerie, Indiana")


The town’s name alone makes it a destination to skip when mapping out a road trip.  Imagine running into Elvis Presley and walking some smart canines? Okay, that sounds awesome, but not even the kid from "Hocus Pocus" makes this place a hot spot.

8. Savage Land ("X-Men")


Run away from dinosaurs while the survival of the entire mutant race hangs in the balance! Sounds so relaxing!

7. Westeros ("Game of Thrones")


The culture would be stunning at first but then you’d likely piss Joffrey off and that’d be the end of your trip...and life. Also dragons. And WAY too much nudity.

6. Horrorland ("Goosebumps")


To spend a day inside an R.L. Stine world is a dream most kids have, but in reality we would probably soil our pants in the first five minutes, especially in an amusement park from hell.

5. Kronos ("Star Trek Into Darkness")


Strap on your ridged forehead and practice your Klingon for a killer weekend on Qo'noS. Just don't make eye contact or say anything stupid or do anything really. Klingons can be nasty!

4. The Bates Motel ("Bates Motel")


A nice, small town sounds nice until Norman introduces you to his mother. That’s when it’s time to pack up and get the hell out. The rates can’t be that great to make you want to stay another night.

3. The Island ("LOST")


Are we alive, is this purgatory? No one wants to spend their summer questioning every moment with some looming smoke monster around.

2. Isla Nublar ("Jurassic Park")


It’s a fact that 99% of people would die to see a living dinosaur. Okay, so I made that statistic made up. But death by dino? The brochure failed to mention that!

1. Woodbury ("The Walking Dead")


Nothing says summer like the smell of BBQs, chlorine, and rotting flesh. It’d be awesome to spend a summer fighting off zombies with the likes of Daryl Dixon, but to be stuck under the reign of a psychotic eye patch-wearing governor? That’s a no go.

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