Exclusive: Behind The Scenes With 'Doctor Who' Composer Murray Gold

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We visited "Doctor Who" composer Murray Gold in his New York studio to discuss his work on the series since it was relaunched in 2005 under producer Russel T. Davies and Doctor Christopher Eccleston. Gold has since worked on every season of the show, changing the music to fit the personalities of each new Doctor.

He explained to us:

The whole series started to be thematically-driven from episode 1 and because that happened in the first series, it just seemed obvious that it would have to happen in the second series. So as soon as Christopher [Eccelston] left and David Tennant took over in series two, he announced himself in the Christmas Invasion and he said 'I am a fighting Doctor' so his music became...all swashbuckling. And then Matt [Smith] came along and he seemed all wobbly and sort of funny and a bit eccentric and sweet, you know so he became that.

Watch: Doctor Who Music With Murray Gold

Gold gave us a live demo of the classic "Who" adventure theme, plus some choice numbers from the recently completed season 7 including new companion "Clara's Theme" and, in the video below, he treated us to a live demo of "Mercy" from the episode "A Town Called Mercy" with vocalist Halia Meguid.

Watch: Doctor Who 'A Town Called Mercy' Song Demo

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