The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: Wolverine With Baguette Claws


Ladies and gentlemen! Stop everything you're doing because it's time to appreciate something glorious!

wolverine_baguette Claws

Yes, this is comedian Paul Welsh posing as Wolverine, but using baguettes as claws. Yes, this is terrific. And yes the Internet is a thing that exists and I for one, am thankful for it.

This is part of the perfect meme called Baguetting which is a series of photos of celebrities using baguettes as everyday objects from the Tumblr of Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser from Serious Lunch.

Sure, this photo was posted on March 28, but this is the first time I've seen it, and I just had to share it. Because until each and every man, woman, and child knows about baguetting, I will not rest. Visit Baguette-Me-Nots for more!

[Source: Laughing Squid]