The Top 5 Characters We Want To See In 'Star Wars Rebels'


Still crying in your cantina cocktail after the news of Order 66?

Wipe away those lightsaber-shaped tears. It’s official. Today Lucasfilm announced production on “Star Wars Rebels,” a new animated TV series set to debut Fall 2014. It begins with a one-hour Disney Channel special, followed by a full-on series on Disney XD.

“Star Wars Rebels” will be set between the events of Episodes III and IV, almost two decades worth of fertile ground. The show’s creative team rivals the top-shelf fly boys of Rogue Squadron. Screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: First Class”) leads the charge as executive producer, and he’s penning the first episode.

Kinberg and director Dave Filoni are playing it close to their flight vests, and they haven’t announced the main characters. That doesn’t means our wheels aren’t spinning like a landspeeder’s. 

Uh...wait. Landspeeders don’t have wheels. 

Well, the toy ones do. And our mental ones are revolving with a wish list of members of the Rebel Alliance we hope make the casting cut (in addition to Wedge Antilles!). Behold our top five picks:

5. Kyle Katarn

SW Rebels Kyle Kattarn

This glowing star found in the Expanded Universe is ripe for the picking. As a special agent for the Alliance, Katarn’s sticky fingers lifted those technical readouts for the original Death Star. Although he’s been explored in a mess of video games, books and elsewhere, we can’t get enough of this former Imperial officer.

4. Yoda

SW Rebels Yoda

Yoda went from the plush confines of the Jedi Temple to those rustic digs on Dagobah. What happens when this creature loses all those creature comforts? First he has that intergalactic La-Z-Boy. Order 66 drops and he’s suddenly forced to chill on a log. Oh, the irony. Heck, we’ll settle for an entire sitcom based on that one. Bring on “Yoda’s Place.” 

3. Bail Organa

SW Rebels Bail Organa

2. Leia Organa

SW Rebels Princess Leia

The father-daughter dynamic is potentially rich. Anakin’s spawn comes loaded with spunkiness. We’d like to see that ’toon version of Jimmy Smits try and tame her as a teen. And we can’t wait to see how she grows into those buns. Hey! Get your mind out of the trash compactor; we’re talking about her ’do.

1. Biggs Darklighter


Luke’s old pal may have been born with a silver spoon, but he’s one of the best pilots to ever come out of Anchorhead. Let’s see him develop those mad skills. But the real reason we’re biggity, biggity Biggs fans is because he rocks a ’stache better than any one in space. Take that, Lando.