Top 10 Geek Characters We Want Hit The Beach With On Memorial Day


With Memorial Day weekend upon us and endless summer days looming about, it’s time to get our minds off responsibilities like work and school and head out for some fun. While the beach is an ideal hot spot this time of year, it’d be even better if you could hit the sand with the following characters.

10. Wonder Woman


She’s already dressed for a day out in the sun, so no need to wait around while she picks out the “perfect suit” for hours.

9. Daryl Dixon ("The Walking Dead")


If anyone on this list needs a break, it’s this guy. Plus, it’s always handy to have a man with a crossbow by your side in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out on the coast.

8. Caroline Forbes ("The Vampire Diaries")


Planning a trip is hard, that’s why you invite Caroline and have her do all that. Not like she doesn’t enjoy being in charge of any and everything. And if you invite her, Klaus can’t be too far behind!

7. Jeff Winger ("Community")

joel mchale shirtless community

Yes, he’s cocky but when you look like that in itty-bitty briefs, you’re allowed to be. Jeff is an ideal beach buddy strictly based on every shirtless scene he’s ever had in "Community."

6. Jess Day ("New Girl")


Imagine the bonfire songs you’d get with this gal by your side.

5. Thor


He may not understand surfing, but once the wind flows through that mane of blond, it'll be worth it. Even if he hates it, it’s still a beautiful image.

4. Penny ("Big Bang Theory")


This girl knows how to have a fun time. I mean, you have to when you’re around the likes of Sheldon Cooper all the time. Plus, she comes with plenty of beverages to lighten any occasion.

3. Tony Stark ("Iron Man")


Hello! He’d pay for everything!

2. Daenerys Targaryen ("Game of Thrones")


Five words: wind surfing with a dragon.

1. Yoda


Okay, so this guy in a speedo isn’t the best thing in the galaxy, but come on…He could use the force to build a kick-ass sandcastle.