Geeky Wedding Planning Tips From Batgirl And Nightwing


A couple of weeks ago we ran pics from the wedding of "Batgirl" and Nightwing" a.k.a. Laura and Seth, Bat-superfans. We loved the pics, but we needed to know, how exactly they pulled off such a gloriously geeky wedding. So we went right to the source!

Laura and Seth didn’t head to a Comic-Con speed dating session to find someone who shared their admiration for caped crusaders, they just happened to stumble across one another when Seth lent Laura a helping hand several years ago on campus. They later discovered one another’s super-obsession and their connection grew stronger. Laura’s love for Batman and Batgirl, as well as Seth’s for Nightwing, are both based on the principles their favorite heroes possess. They didn’t start with this grand idea of basing their entire wedding day on a Batgirl/Nightwing theme once they got engaged, but they couldn’t think of any reason not to do it. So after Seth and Laura got their parents’ blessings, they went full force.

Here are some tips and suggestions from Mr. and Mrs. Nightwing and Batgirl on how to have the ultimate geeky wedding:


Pick your boundaries: Decide what you feel is respectful or disrespectful up front to keep things from getting out of hand. We wanted a crazy reception, but a more traditional ceremony out of respect for our marriage and for the church that we rented, therefore I had to give the guests and bridesdudes a dress code to follow such as: until the reception please no joker makeup, please no capes, and no underwear outside of your pants! We asked our guests to please dress nicely for the ceremony but bring a fun change of clothes for the reception.

Come up with your favorite ideas as if the sky's the limit first, then worry about the logistics later: We came up with several ideas that could not be bought, even on the Internet. Or they were way too expensive. But instead of striking them at the beginning, we wrote them down anyway. In the end we were able to make most of the items on our own or come up with several cheaper alternatives that fit within our budget.


Pick your priorities: Our biggest priority was making sure our guests had a blast at our wedding and we didn't want to exclude anyone. We were willing to sacrifice additional superhero related decorations to buy the meals and entertainment for more friends to join us on our big day.

Plan in advance: Most of our wedding was DIY and we waited until the last three months to do most of it. By the time the wedding came, most of the bride's family was exhausted from all of the work. If you're not as good at planning, definitely hire a coordinator or a friend to keep you on schedule.


Be nice to EVERYONE: We called in countless favors from friends and family to make this wedding happen within our vision and budget, and we could have never done it without those people behind us. Its our guests who really made this happen; make sure they know how important they are to you.


Don’t Overspend: It's not really big, expensive items that make it successful; it's actually more details and consistency that make for a successful event. Sure you can have a big Gotham city cake or your wedding party can be wearing masks, but an immersive experience is what really makes it great. We were able to pull off a 400 guest wedding with an open bar and full dinner for everyone with a budget of $16,000.