Korea's 'Killer Toon' Might Be The First Horror Movie About A Webcomic

Hey, it's not weird for horror movies about or featuring comics to be a thing, it's just interesting that a filmmaker has caught up to webcomics as a medium by which to extract some gruesome thrills.

That filmmaker would be director Kim Yong-Kyoon for this June release in South Korea. Kim directed the visually arresting but otherwise kind of bad "The Red Shoes" back in 2005, and got away from horror with his much better received sword and fantasy film "The Sword With No Name."

According to the film's Asian Media Wiki page, the film stars Uhm Ki-Joon as a homicide detective investigating a series of murders surrounding a writer played by Lee Si-Young. Will it turn out that the webcomic is somehow cursed? Or is the killer something more mundane, like cancer from sitting too close to the monitor for too long?


Lee Si-Young in "Killer Toon"