The Weekend Geek: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoilers, The History of S.H.I.E.L.D., 'Cooking with Thrones,' And more

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- SPOILERS! We counted down are 10 Totally Spoilery 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Easter Eggs!

Now that "Star Trek Into Darkness" is finally in theaters, we can talk spoilers, right you guys? Having seen the movie twice already, we picked up more than a few cool little Easter Eggs littered throughout the film that you may – or may not – have picked up on. And seriously, spoilers for pretty much the whole film, so look away if you don’t want to know... Read the rest here.


HISTORY LESSON! Patrick A. Reed breaks down Marvel's "S.H.I.E.L.D." from the off-beat origin to today.

By now, you've probably heard the news that ABC has ordered a full season of "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.," the show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and masterminded by Joss Whedon. But what you might not be familiar with, if you're not a hardcore comic reader, is the background of this mysterious S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. We break it down for you, in MTV Geek's History of S.H.I.E.L.D. Read the rest here.


- WHEDONY! What are the 8 most Joss Whedon-type things in the full S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer?

...we've been treated to an extended look at the superhero show. And the first thing that jumped out at me, other than the fact that there's a live-action TV series that exists in-continuity with a massively successful movie series based on a bunch of comics, is how Joss Whedony this sucker is going to be. Sure, Whedon is the man behind both the series and "Marvel's The Avengers" (which makes him the creative bus driver of the whole shebang). But for fans of Joss and his cult classics like "Buffy," "Angel," the original draft of "Alien Ressurection," "Firefly," and a few lines in "Speed," there's going to be a whole lot of those patented clever, cute, quick, and witty Whedonisms to get all shiny about. Read the rest here.


- THE BEST! What are the best "Star Trek" episodes of all time?

From September 8, 1966 to May 13, 2005, the once humble, now-colossal "Star Trek" franchise produced six different television programs, with a sum total of 725 episodes, many of which are considered some of the best drama ever created for network television. Such classics as “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “The Best of Both Worlds”, “Tapestry”, “Chain of Command”, “Space Seed”, “The Sacrifice of Angels” and others often make “best episode” lists of many kinds, alongside the most-revered segments of "The Simpsons," "MASH," "The Twilight Zone," "I Love Lucy," "All in the Family," "Lost" and "The Wire." While any top ten list is difficult, choosing ten exemplary hours from 725 episodes is nearly an impossible task. Read the rest here.


- STARCHILDREN! Our writer Kevin M. Brettauer spent an evening with Grant Morrison.

It’s very apparent, to anyone who’s analyzed his work to any degree, that living comic book legend Grant Morrison loves the human race and wants us to be the greatest versions of ourselves that we can be. "The Invisibles" builds, over the course of three separate series, into a crescendo of salvation for the human spirit, creating not a technological but a spiritual singularity that would make Eckhart Tolle blush. "All-Star Superman" culminates with the titular Last Son of Krypton making the ultimate sacrifice – at least for now – as Lex Luthor realizes the value of the interconnectivity of the human race. "The Filth" wraps up as a reimagined millennial Gaia is approached by the desperate lead, who is literally clutching the “filth” his life has become, asking what to do with it. Telling him to turn lemons into lemonade, she tells him to “spread it on [his] flowers”. Read the rest here.

- COOKING WITH THRONES! "Glee" star and SUPER fan Kevin McHale recaps the latest "Game of Thrones" episode!

Watch: Bates Motel First Look Theatrical Trailer

- WOLVES! Bree Turner from "Grimm" has a complicated relationship with a big bad wolf.

Watch: Grimm's Bree Turner And The Big Bad Wolf


- CANCELED! "This Week In Comics" took a look at DC's recent wave of cancellations and more!

If you took a cursory glance at the comics Internet this week, odds are you saw your share of essays lamenting the demise of four DC Comics titles: "Dial H," "Demon Knights," "Legion of Super Heroes" and "Threshold." Read the rest here.


- PULL-LIST! We highlighted new releases "The Dream Merchant," "FF," and more. About "The Dream Merchant":

Edmonson and Novosadov have spun an enthralling introduction here, showing a lot, while explaining very little – it's easy to follow, beautiful to look at, and reveals just enough to make me desperate to know what happens next. Read the rest here.


- BRAVE! Disney didn't define gender for writer Kendra Beltran.

Disney movies are as normal to the American childhood experience as potty training and learning to ride a bike. The stories transform our imaginations, the songs are permanently locked in our memories, and the emotions they made us feel are undeniable. That's what I believed until I took my first Women’s Studies class in college. After that, everything changed. Disney suddenly became the cause of Gender stereotypes. But is it? In light of the recent controversy surrounding the new look of "Brave's" Merida, let's take a look. Read the rest here.


- TOY WITH YOURSELF! Join starfleet by getting your own personalized 3-D Printed Figures from Cubify!

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