Toy News Roundup: 'Super Best Friends Forever,' The Weirdest Jason Ever, And SDCC Exclusives


Hey guys -- welcome to a weekly look at some of the best toy news from around the net.  This time out has plenty of cool stuff, including a number of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives!

NECA has posted the first pics of their new "Aliens" line in the box, including Hudson and Hicks!  THERE IS A SCREEN-ACCURATE BILL PAXTON FIGURE.


Say it with me now: "Game over, man!  Game over!"

Man, that was a good movie.  I want to see what NECA can do with the big giant queen!

If only they also do "Near Dark" figures, which these actors were filming at almost the same time.

NECA has also posted a pic of their SDCC exclusive of the strangest "Friday the 13th" figure ever: Video Game Jason.  Yes, the version from the impossible, inappropriate-for-kids NES game.  I sort of love the weird colors on this.

neca_jason video game toy

The season's over, but there's alsoready some New "Doctor Who" Toys, including Clara, an Ice Warrior, and one of the super-creepy new Cybermen!

underground toys doctor who

In DC news!  First, a Japanese blog has pics of the New Play Arts Kai Man of Steel Jor-El and Faora from "Man of Steel."

Next, there's a number of New DC Figure Pics for pieces you can pre-order on Big Bad Toy Store, including a Tony Montana-looking Black Mask, a vampire Batman statue, Black Adam with a cape, and Pandora for some reason.

Kotobukiya has a statue of the New 52 Deathstroke, which you'll want to keep far away from any statues of Terra.

kotobukiya deathstroke

And finally, USA Today has a whole slew of pics of DC Collectibles' Comic-Con Exclusives, including these  "Super Best Friends Forever" figurines that are pretty much the best and most adorable thing ever. Please give "SBFF" creator Lauren Faust all the monies, so she can make more and more and more stuff like this.


Gentle Giant has a new mini-statue of the zombie that followed the much-called-after Sophia with this new Walking Dead Sophia Stalker Walker.  Remember: In a post-zombie-apocalypse world, always keep your kids on a leash.


If you have money to burn and a love of clasic pulp fiction, check out this sweet Doc Savage action doll, which includes multiple heads to reflect Doc's depiction in the art of the original pulps and the 1970s paperbacks, and a ton of retro-cool weapons!  For about $350 after tax, you can get Doc in this  special two-pack with the Shadow.  In other news, I need $350.


Fans of FX's "Archer" might want to make some plans for San Diego Comic-Con if they want to get this  Pam's Dolphin Puppet SDCC Exclusive.  Don't worry -- a limited number will be available to order after the show (more info in the link).  More fun than a fist full of bear claws.  Grrr!


Here's some new Star Trek Select Kirk and Spock Pics  if you want to see the Diamond Select toys in action -- and coming soon, there'll also be a Diamon Select Picard as well.

Fans of really, really long fight scenes and big hair should check out the SH Figuarts "Dragon Ball Vegeta", the latest Figuarts masterpiece of 2013.

For that matter, here's some New SH Figuarts "Sailor Moon" Pics for what's become one of the year's most anticipated figures.

ToyArk has a think-piece on how 3-D printing can be used to make action figures, and what this could mean for the toy industry.  What I HOPE it means is one day I'll be able to get some "Calvin and Hobbes" figures, complete with box labeled "Transmogrifier" "Time Machine," and "Duplicator," depending on which side it's on.

We recently posted about the "Mortal Kombat" busts of Scorpion and Sub-Zero.  Now, here's some New Sub Zero Pics guaranteed to flash-freeze you body, rip off your head, then throw said head at your frozen body and watch silently as it shatters...or something!

And finally, yet another SDCC exclusive -- the first in the much-anticipated "Star Wars Black" line, Boba Fett Black complete with Han Solo on Carbonite.   And thanks to all that extra articulation, he can use Han to prop his feet up!

That's all for this week -- but we'll have plenty more in our next roundup!  Let us know if there's any news you'd like to see!