The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: Artist Combines ‘Star Wars’ With Iconic Movie Posters

The following posters from the incredible designer OldRedJalopy pay tribute to the three real “Star Wars” movies by paying tribute to a trio of iconic movie posters.

Jalopy re-imagines “Star Wars” as Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.” Though it’s a missing a “Born to Kill” homage.

Next up we have “Empire” as “Goodfellas,” with Vader as DeNiro, a Storm Trooper as Liota, and Boba Fett as Pesci.

And finally, my personal favorite, OldRedJalopy combines Leia’s cosplay mainstay, and highly fetishized slave costume with the image of Mena Suvari’s stomach from “America Beauty.”

Best Thing Ever? It is today!

Visit OldRedJalopy for more awesome designs.

[Source: Reddit]

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