Rob Liefeld Turns To Kickstarter To Bring Back 'Brigade'

With the help of Kickstarter, writer/artist Rob Liefeld is hoping to revive "Brigade" for a whole new generation of fans. Battlestone and his rogue mercenary team return once more with a brand new mission to save Earth from the forces of evil. Will Battlestone and his teammates, forgotten relics of the past, find a new home with modern comic fans?


Back in 1992, "Brigade" started as a spin-off series to Liefeld's "Youngblood." Battlestone, an exiled member of the Youngblood team, recruits his own group to take on alien invasions and corrupt government agencies. What I liked about the original series is that you couldn't trust anyone to survive, especially with a bloodthirsty team leader like Battlestone. Was Battlestone setting up his own team, only to get back at Youngblood? Because their missions came with a cost, Liefeld would suddenly kill off some of the most major characters.

Taking a page from Marc Silverstri and his resurrected "Cyber Force," the first issue of "Brigade" will be released for free. This isn't the same comics you remember from the '90s. Battlestone and his teammates will have an updated look. In their first new chapter, Brigade has to face off against a new villain, who may or may not be their arch-nemesis in disguise, Prince Genocide.


The premise behind the new "Brigade" is that all time and space is under constant attack by a multitude of threats each attempting to alter the course of human history. A brigade of heroes is assembled by John Stone, aka Battlestone, who commands a diverse unit of heroes uniquely qualified to defend humanity and preserve the fragile order of things. The first of many Time-Bomb's has been detonated and the fabric of many realities has begun to crater and change.

Battlestone has gone to great lengths to recruit a dynamic new team to facilitate the variety of threats that his units will encounter in defense of humanity. A powerful nemesis known as Imperator has emerged as a force of cataclysmic terror and devastation, although his true identity, while suspect is not confirmed.

What's Liefeld got in store for Battlestone and his team? I'm expecting tons of over-exaggerated muscles, and over-sized guns.  With  the '90s way behind them, let's see if the newly re-imagined "Brigade" will be able to hold their own against new threats, villains, challenges, and fan expectations.